Rajini Murugan

Director: Pon Ram • Music: D Imman • Duration: 2hrs 35 min 35 sec

Rajini Murugan (Sivakarthikeyan) is an unemployed, happy-go-lucky guy who, after falling head over heels in love with Karthika Devi (Keerthy Suresh), decides to woo her by starting a tea shop with his close friend, played by Soori. How Rajini Murugan sells his ancestral property to get settled and marry Karthika Devi forms the story.

CBFC:U/A Actors: Keerthy Suresh, Sivakarthikeyan Doss Year: 2016

Member Reviews

  • Senthil Sundararajan

    last 40 minutes for good otherwise a very boring film...

  • Arunkumar Mathavan Arunkumar Mathavan

    Very good entertainer. Good acting by SK.

  • R Johnson Cutejohn

    i want this movie
    EDIT - 2016-07-28 09:34:26:
    i want this movie

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