Pasanga 2

Director: Pandiraj • Music: Arrol Corelli • Duration: 2 hrs 7 min 27 sec

Centered on the lives of two Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder-affected kids Nayana and Kavin, the film focusses on how it's important for urban nuclear families to accept their children the way they are. Suriya plays the role of a psychologist who specializes in understanding the minds of children and Amala Paul will be seen as a primary school teacher.

CBFC:U/A Actors: Baby Vaishnavi, Nayana, Nishesh Year: 2015

Member Reviews

  • Nagesvaran Vathumalai

    2019-08-07 06:35:42:
    nice movie

  • Alan Vijay Manickam

    it is great!!

  • Shashivarman Kolandaveloo

    Lovely movie. All the parents and most importantly newly married couples should watch this!

  • Madhumitha Iyer

    2017-11-26 18:23:21:
    Great movie!! very inspiring!

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