Director: Ganesh Vinayak • Music: • Duration: 1h 38m

Set in the backdrop of Kurinjikudi, a mountain village, the movie depicts the life of Velu, a honey hunter, who, after his marriage with Poonkodi, struggles to save his ailing wife, who is diagnosed with a rare disease, as he lacks documents to prove his identity and avail treatment for his wife. Whether or not he saves his wife with the aid of the government that is negligent of the plight of his people forms the crux of the story.

CBFC:U Actors: Abarnathi,Tharun Kumar Year: 2021

Member Reviews

  • Jeyasuthan Rudramoorthy

    Beautiful cast selection and an excellent movie! Very soul touching!!!

  • Sivagamy Subbiah Sivagamy Subbiah

    2021-05-02 15:43:55:
    Excellent movie! Simple and without any fuss! Mirrors the life of poor innocent people at the hands of corrupt government servants at all levels. The little girls acting was superb!


    There is a hidden message ..

  • Velli Karuppanan

    excellent movie. The Government officials and so called social activists (NGO) will never ever change.

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