Director: Priya Krishnaswamy • Music: Ved Nair • Duration: 1h 31m

When the 65-year-old Karuppasamy (R Raju), who works as a security guard, meets with an accident on his way back to home, his cold-hearted son Senthil (SuPa Muthukumar) opts for mercy killing secretly without paying heed to doctor's advice to go for a surgery. However, Karuppasamy's second nephew Veera (Sugumar Shanmugam) finds something fishy and decides to discover the real truth behind the death of Karuppasamy.

CBFC:A Actors: R Raju Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • Mariya Duraisami


  • Prabakaran Balasubramanian

    Great story

  • Neil Malcolm Allen

    full entertaining and nicestory

  • mani ponnusamy

    Wonderful acting.

  • Ravi Shankar

    A good film based on an unfortunate reality. It is despicable to know that killing old people and girl infants by giving them arali pal is part of our Tamil culture. It is a shame.

  • Ganesan Gurusamy

    No wonder it got so many awards. Good narration and acting. One request to the director though. Please show some positive side of India also. Almost all award movies show only the negative side of Indian society.

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