Vaanam Kottattum

Director: Dhana Sekaran • Music: Sid Sriram • Duration: 1h 58m

When Bose Kaalai (Sarath Kumar) commits a murder in a fit of rage, he gets imprisoned. His wife, Chandra (Radikaa) decides to walk away from Bose and lead a peaceful life for the sake of her children. However, Bose Kaalai returns home after a span of 16 years. Will the family welcome him?

CBFC:U Actors: Aishwarya Rajesh,Madonna Sebastian,Raadhika Sarathkumar,Sarath Kumar,Vikram Prabhu Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • piradeep piradeep

    very good movie

  • Senthil Sundararajan

    time pass -

  • Shafeeq Ahmed

    Okay.. not bad.

  • Nirmal Kumar


  • mohamed fawzar

    good movie

  • Geethanjali Fletcher

    A nice watch

  • Ganesan Gurusamy

    Much better than many other stupid movies

  • Muthukaruppan Annamalai

    lol, to the guy balaji who said finest movie of the decade, this must be the only movie you seen


    All families must watch. One of the finest movies of the decade.

  • Nagarajan Ramachandran

    Slow moving documentary with a stupid climax.

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