Director: Yuvaraj Subramani • Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar • Duration: 1h 56m

When Sakthi (Vaibhav), who suffers from a peculiar voice disorder, becomes a police officer, he locks horns with a group of gangsters.

CBFC:U Actors: Nandita Swetha,Vaibhav Reddy,Yogi Babu Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • Shrinath Kannan

    The movie had a very great character arc for the protagonist. It was great to see the lead hero not breaking the character at many scenes where it could have been broken. I enjoyed many continuities although it works very well on paper could have been executed better on screen. I see that the director is a fan of breaking bad (twin villains), Paruthiveeran (pregnant lady death scene) and so on. is a good watch if you expect a decent entertainer.

  • Karthik Karthik

    peetha padam

  • Parthiban Sinuvasan

    director should focus on the story and logics

  • Jeevan Mathi

    can watch one time..

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