Director: Venkat Mohan • Music: Sam C S • Duration: 2h 29m

Karnan (Vishal), a highly corrupt and unscrupulous cop, undergoes a huge evil-to-good transformation after witnessing a life-altering tragedy during his tenure.

CBFC:U/A Actors: R Parthiban,Vishal,Rashi Khanna Year: 2019

Member Reviews

  • Pattabi Ayyasami

    very good movie. excellent climax

  • Logan Vincent

    Great movie. Strong message.

  • Emmanuel Nilaan

    This is a very good movie. This is a very good message!

  • Parameswaran Sanjeev


  • Prabu Ruben

    Surprisingly nice movie. Enjoyed it

  • Kan Shanker

    Great film ! Should receive rewards !

  • idfmad miodgmoiag


  • Senthil Sundararajan

    Nice concept - and very well done

  • Muthuvelan Kovintharajan

    good initiative... plz enact that law for real...

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