Uriyadi 2

Director: Vijay Kumar • Music: Govind Vasantha • Duration: 1h 51m

When Lenin Vijay (Vijay Kumar) gets a new job in a chemical factory in his village, he witnesses a gruesome death of an employee due to poor maintenance in the company. When another tragic death occurs, it sets off a chain of events mirroring a bevy of real life incidents.

CBFC:U Actors: Vijay Kumar,Vismaya Year: 2019

Member Reviews

  • Pulandran Raja Thiruvengadam

    very good movie

  • Prabu Ruben

    Wow! Relevant and very well made.



  • Srinivasan sundaramurthy

    good movie all our people should watch

  • Mohamed Hassan

    Thanks for the director to present this awareness movie.

  • Dhamodharan Krishnan

    Big awareness . Not sure if there are factories that still operate without any care about workers. But, I really feel bad about people who work in such dangerous zones.

  • Preethy Mohan

    A must watch movie to be aware of the occupational hazards and the disaster management needs !

  • tamilselvan karunanidhy

    Most wanted movie to bring awareness to current society.........

  • Balaji Ramasamy

    Good movie

  • Nagarajan Ramachandran

    OK movie, not as good as the original Uriyadi plus as is the fashion nowadays in Tamil cinema, usual Communist propaganda. From top level stars who talk communism and take home crores to these new up and coming folks, this is becoming boring now.

  • anjaneya dirisala

    not bad

  • Sivananthan B

    best movie of the year. but still people in India they wont listen

  • Siva Santhakumar

    How people watch this movie?

  • Kannan Muthusamy


  • siva Prabu

    wonderful movie

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