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Director: Anita Udeep • Music: Silambarasan • Duration: 2h 04m

When Rita (Oviya), an independent, progressive, and modern woman, moves into a new apartment, she befriends four women. How Rita's life and thoughts change the lives of the other four women forms the plot.

CBFC:A Actors: Oviya Year: 2019

Member Reviews

  • Dhamodharan Krishnan

    The girls acted nicely. One thing. Dont watch with kids. Worth an A certificate. Have given a clear background of why the girls gets frustated out of their life and end up there. But, everyone wants to live the way they wanted. Its not that easily feasible. Sometimes, we adjust with something that we dont like and still live. This film helps girls to come out of the barrier. But too much freedom, not sure where it will end.

  • Jay Venkatachalam

    Worst movie ever seen. Disappointed this is coming from a women director. Disappointed Oviya did not have a clear understanding of what she is getting into. I wish Oivya and the Director act more responsible to portray reality

  • Raazesh Sainudiin

    there is hope... best movie in a decade!

  • Venkatesh Mohanarangan

    Nice entertainer

  • test test

    waste of time, very boring movie

  • anjaneya dirisala

    good entertain

  • Vepusan Theivendram

    Oviya’s most boldest movie attenpt ever !!! Loved it to the core !!! She has so mcih guts to take on a movie like that ! So proud to be part of her OviyaArmy !!! OviyaLover Forever !!!!

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