Director: AN Pitchumani • Music: Bobo Sasi • Duration: 2h 8m

When Satya (Jai) and his friend Paari (Daniel Annie Pope) forge documents to start a taxi company, a corrupt police officer (Bose Venkat) catches them red-handed and demands Rs 10 lakhs as a bribe. Gajendran (Robo Shankar), who hails from an affluent background, promises to help Satya with the money if he helps him to get married to his love interest, Keerthy (Reba Monica). When Satya ends up kidnapping Keerthy, it leads to an interesting turn of events.

CBFC:U Actors: Jai Sampath,Reba Monica John Year: 2018

Member Reviews

  • Rajan Anand

    Good Job ????????Movie Team

  • Selva Gounder


  • Dhanasekar Shanmugam

    good timepass movie. screenplay lags

  • Parthasarathi Yadav

    Good movie

  • sathyanath ramamoorthy

    good movie. Screen play should be more matured to make it a hit movie.

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