Director: Bala Pazhanisaamy • Music: Ilaiyaraaja • Duration: 1 hr 40 mins

ACP Naachiyaar (Jyotika), a stout-hearted and fearless cop, is entrusted with the sensitive case of rape of a minor girl Arasi (Ivana), who becomes pregnant. Kaathu (GV Prakash), an unassuming simpleton, who makes ends meet by selling fruits, is arrested as the suspect. However, when Arasi reveals Naachiyaar about her passionate love story with Kaathu, things take a drastic turn.

CBFC:U/A Actors: GV Prakash Kumar, Jyothika Sadanah Year: 2018

Member Reviews

  • Bubathi Raghavan

    Good movie, direction & acting.
    2018-06-19 02:47:27:
    Good movie, direction & acting.
    2018-06-19 02:47:29:
    Good movie, direction & acting.
    2018-06-19 02:54:20:
    Jyotika & Prakash acting was outstanding

  • A DOT

    Excellent cinematic perspective/presentation of a realistic story. Well written, acted, and directed. To all those worked on this movie, thank you. Completely unexpected curve-ball from Mr. Bala, good job sir.

  • Ananth Gnanasundaram

    Good one.

  • Nandakumar Nagarajan

    Good movie

  • B K

    Good movie with some kind of message...

  • Ramesh Swaminathan

    nice movie.

  • Saranya Sampat

    A very different movie from Bala, GV has done a great job and his pair has got definitely some good career. Jo was as usual brilliant. No unwanted songs, a very positive and content movie overall.

  • Omganesh Teekaramsingh

    Very good movie


    Superb Movie!! not feeling like its a bala movie!


    after long time saw good movie from saddist bala

  • Alex Pa

    A best Bala Movie Ever.

  • Srinivasan NK Narnamalpuram K

    Beautiful movie. must watch. Hats off to Bala.

  • Ramesh Rasipur

    Must watch movie!

  • Thangavelu Sundararajan

    nice making of Bala
    2018-03-23 06:37:29:
    nice making of Bala

  • Mohanraj Narayanaswamy

    Wonderful movie.

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