Director: GR Aathityaa • Music: Arrol Corelli • Duration: 1 hr 54 mins

Pichaimoorthi aka Pichai (Director Ram), an incorrigible liar with an arrogant demeanor, ruffles the feathers of gangster Manga (Director Mysskin), who's out on a day-long parole, in a chance encounter on road. Manga sets out to avenge his humiliation and vows to kill Pichai at any cost.

CBFC:U Actors: Mysskin, Ram Subramaniam, Shamna Kasim Year: 2018

Member Reviews

  • Krishnan Chirchabesan

    Great movie.

  • Venkat Thirumalai

    2019-06-01 18:10:05:
    very good

  • Nishithan Balaji

    Screenplay was good..but disgusting dialogues in the name of humour could have been didnt help for humour..should have been left as dark comedy

  • B K

    2018-04-14 02:40:59:
    Thought it was funny. Not bad at all.

  • RAM V

    Good movie...slow paced but well made

  • Raghu Gurunathan

    very very good movie

  • Somanathan Pichai Somanathan Pichai

    Very good movie. Different storyline from the normal movies. Camera is super and the way the movie moves is awesome. Worth watching!!!

  • Anand Balaraman

    2018-03-18 11:29:19:
    waste of time

  • Mani Muthappan Mani Muthappan

    2018-03-17 21:52:34:
    Nice .Like it... everyone did their job very well...

  • Venkatesh Ranganathan

    Very simple storyline and nice screenplay.

  • Senthuran Appadurai

    stupid movie no point in watching piece of shit
    2018-03-16 06:25:06:
    stupid movie no point in watching piece of shit
    2018-03-16 06:25:07:
    stupid movie no point in watching piece of shit
    2018-03-16 06:25:08:
    stupid movie no point in watching piece of shit

  • Vikram Subramanian

    Wonderful movie. The character sketches, the unusual storyline and excellent screen play makes this movie a must watch. The Myskin style is apparent throughout the movie. I can also feel a whiff of Ram in the dialogues. Ram also has a very unique rendition of dialogues that embellishes the movie.

  • Karthikeyan Sridossan

    Diff movie!!

  • Sasikumar Sadayan

    2018-03-10 23:46:02:
    Diff One

  • Senthilmurugan Rajamanickam

    different screen play from usual story.

  • Senthil Sundararajan

    Different Story and Nicely Done. Excellent acting by Ram, Myskkin and Poorn.

  • Arivezhil Narayana Sukumar

    2018-03-09 20:36:29:
    2018-03-09 20:36:33:
    2018-03-09 20:36:34:

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