Director: Feroz • Music: RH Vikram • Duration: 2 hrs 11 mins

Velu (Krishna) is in desperate need of money to go abroad for a job and settle for good. When he meets Muni (Saravanan), a compulsive gambler, the duo decide to participate in a underground street fight conducted by the powerful gangster Natwar Dada (Madhusoodhanan). However, when Muni and Velu realize that the matches are being manipulated by Dada, they decide to get back their money by robbing him. 

CBFC:U/A Actors: Anandhi, Krishna Kulasekaran Year: 2017

Member Reviews

  • Bala Natarajan

    Good movie. Definitely worth a watch.

  • Vikram Subramanian

    Nice Plot, based on human thirst for violence. Coherent story direction. Cathartic, but not unrealistic climax.

  • Ganesh Raam

    very good entertainer. Worth watching.

  • Ranjith Viswanathan

    worth one time watch for the attempt

  • Prasanna Venkatesan

    2017-08-10 20:32:28:

    2017-08-10 20:32:29:

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